Helping property owners comply with the law

Simply and securely collecting the passport or ID card data of your guests and submitting them to the Guardia Civil.

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Our Services

By utilising our services, you can fulfil your legal obligations in a simple and secure manner 

Property Registration

Before your guests' passport details can be submitted to the Guardia Civil, your property must be registered and assigned an identification code.

We can undertake this process for you and register your property within our Guardia Civil account. Alternatively, if you have already registered your property and have your own account details, we can add these to our system allowing us to collect and submit the details on your behalf.

Guest Passport Details Collection

Our friendly team will meet your guests on their arrival in Lanzarote and use our custom designed software to quickly, efficiently and securely scan their passport details and get an electronic signature.

Upon completion of the registration process, we will give your guests the access code for your property and submit their details to the Guardia Civil within 24 hours.

Full legal compliance

Our process has been designed to ensure complete compliance with all aspects of the law.

  • Verification the passport matches the person
  • Signature collection
  • Registration process completed before access is given
  • Compiling and securely storing the registration book
  • Spanish Data Protection and EU GDPR compliance